The SPD Bookbindery, established in 1986, is one of the longest-standing programmes under the
Sheltered Workshop that provides employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

The bookbindery provides a platform for our craftspeople to hone skills in perfecting the art of
book-making, book restoration and crafts-making. Each craftsman and woman brings his or her
unique skill set to the team, creating artisanal journals and storing old treasured books, giving
them a new else of life.

Building their legacy, the bookbinders paved the way for new artisans to be developed, forming a
new arm, the SPD Artisan Collab. The new outfit now sees a succession of younger persons
with disabilities being trained in leather-crafting, stitching together lifestyle products perfect as
gifts for friends, loved ones, and corporate partners.

A finishing touch of initials or names hot-stamped on every creation adds individuality and
elegance to these socially empowering gifts.


The SPD Artisan Collab brand is conceived and built on three important ethos—Craftsmanship, Collaboration and Empowerment. The brand celebrates the skills of differently-abled artisans through the provision of meaningful vocational training and employment. Each hand-stitched product represents the tenacity of our artisans overcoming their personal odds and difficulties in crafting.


To build an inclusive community where everyone is part of it, not apart from it.


SPD is committed to working in partnership with people with disabilities to develop their potential to the fullest so they can be self-reliant and independent.


To build an inclusive community where everyone is part of it, not apart from it.


“I like learning something new and I like to sew things that are useful for others.”

Karen, 24,

Cerebral Palsy

“I feel great and good for helping SPD do sewing.”

Alvin, 27,

Dandy Walker Sydrome, Bilateral Cataract

"I feel great that I can accomplish creating these products. When people buy them, I feel great that they appreciate what we do."

Wong, 55,

Stroke Survivor

About SPD Artisan Collab -
Celebrating Skills of Differently-abled Artisans who Specialise in Bookbinding and Leather-Crafting.

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