Since 1986, SPD’s Book Bindery has been specializing in bookbinding and restoration of bibles & books, giving treasured possessions with new leases of life. 

Our regular customers include individuals as well as organizations like National Library Board, Yusof Ishak Institute, Temasek Polytechnic, National Institute of Education, to name a few. To date, our team of master craftspeople have restored and binded over 2,000 books.

By engaging our services, you are contributing towards the independence and self-reliance of persons with disabilities.

Charges are $28 and up for each book. Please note that some books require assessment from the bookbinders prior to choosing the repair services.

Types of Repair Services

Re-binding of Pages

A drill hole machine is used to create holes on the margins of the pages for binding. Note that there should be at least 1.5 cm margin for the drilling and the thickness of the book should not be more than 4.5cm.

Changing/Replacing of Book Cover

The old cover of the books are replaced with new book cover made of durable and resistant materials. Choose from a diverse range of materials for your new book cover, including Bukram (13 colours selection), Pertex, Half Bound Leather or other fabric designs.

General Repairs

We offer general repair of old books i.e. glueing of parts, enhancing of spine. The spine of a book can be enhanced by lining a strong layer of Bukram over it, while retaining the original design of the book. 

Personalization with Hotstamping

To make it more personalized, we provide hot-stamping service so that you can hot-stamp your name and/or book titles in silver, gold or rose gold colour.

Book Restoration Projects

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