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Gift Cards - SPD Artisan Collab

SPD Shop prides itself with a selection of stylish cards that you can get as empty gift cards or penned with warm, handwritten messages by one of our artisans.

Our beautifully designed art postcards & gift bookmarks come in three delightful styles uniquely created by our artisans, each one embodying a strong abstract marbled design that make not only for an elegant gift but also a thoughtful one. Get these cards and postcards as it is or include a personalised message.

These cards for gifts are printed on wood-free paper, made with and from highest quality, eco-friendly materials. Get Season’s Greeting cards, personalised or plain watercolour sketchbooks, beautiful face masks, e-cards & more at the SPD Artisan Collab Shop today and support our move to champion sustainability & provide employment opportunities for differently-abled expert artisans.